Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feedback - we love your emails!

Today we received a lovely email from on of our guests... I couldn't help but post it here.. 
  : :  Of course whilst we enjoy a cup of Chilli Hot Chocolate at Koko Black

Q1. The tour was FAR MORE than what we expected because a) it was well organised and we saw many more arcades and laneways than if we were wondering around by ourselves and b) if was really really interesting to take some time to learn about the history of the beautiful buildings and arcades of Melbourne.

Q2. It is hard to pick one thing that we liked about the tour because we really liked EVERYTHING but, not wishing to sound naf but, what I liked the most was that as we went along and saw all the beautiful shop window displays, architecture etc an sense/feeling developed that I was in Australia's Paris (rather than just another Oz city so's to speak)...Melbourne became something for me.

Q3. I have been to Melbourne many many years ago with my husband...can't remember anything about all that except that I bought some stunning boots and I enjoyed the Dandenong area. I also went in 2009 again with my daughter Lee for my 60th birthday and we did your Vintage Tour and had THE BEST time which is of course, why we came back to you guys again.

Thanks Rae, we too enjoyed your enthusiasm... 

Do you have any feedback for us?    send it to : feedback@hiddensecretstours.com

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