Friday, July 22, 2011

SALE - Sassy Women do a Pop Up

We love it when there are some exciting happenings in our building - The Nicholas Building.. and we have some new sassy women joining us - even if for just a short time... EARLY AUGUST... dont forget - put it in your diary!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Play Melbourne | Deals

Play Melbourne | Deals - Via Visit Victoria ( pic is not mine! - see
If you haven't seen the new Tourism Victoria Campaign for Melbourne, then join us here... We are so excited to part of the project.. and can only say the BIGGEST thanks to Mr Matt Irwin, for helping us with a fabulous photograph for our New Cafe Cutlture Walk, which is included in the ROLL THE DICE option!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SURF & ART - Take a trip to start a collection

As we head into the new year ( financially speaking) , its time to look again at how we work hard, and how we reward those around us, or even ourselves... 

Sometimes its just a walk in the park, or a gluttonous Macaron - thats another post!!  - but sometimes it is also something to make your everyday view of the world just a little more... you...

If you have not seen Claire Whitney's Work, then don't forget to join us for the Nicholas Building Open Studio... as Fiona bought one for our office...

BUT next week, perhaps wander out of the city centre, and  head to Geelong.. not just for the freezing cold wetsuit obligatory surf, but a little art and design watching... and perhaps a little gluttony  - this one should be on everyones Southcoast adventure! 

Metropolis Gallery is ready to excite you about the Geelong scene... and now there are FIVE lanes on the Westgate there are NO Excuses..

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