Thursday, February 24, 2011

A sweet tooth? we can help...

We must thank the Sunday Herald Sun ( Escape Section) for their little note about our new Cafe Culture tour last Sunday - we have such a lovely lot of new clients book in.. I think it even got into the Sydney one too - need to find a copy!

Tomorrow I have an extra early start for some VIP Malaysian Journo's to try out our tour... Little tastes along the way will compliment our coffee stops.. and get stuck into the lovely macarons from Maylynn and Hugh of La Belle Miette - they only use butter made in Victoria, and their boxes are designed in Melbourne too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are avid supporters of Broadsheet, and love seeing their take on the things we love about Melbourne... so as a direct report of Caroline Clements Broadsheet article today join with us, and probably too many others, as they open a little gem of this years Melbourne food and wine festival!

There will be much more said by others, but this is the Schedule of the Cafe operators starting NEXT week!!

Broadsheet Cafe Operator Schedule:

Fri 4 - Seven Seeds
Sat 5 - Five Senses
Sun 6 - Dead Man Espresso
Mon 7 - Market Lane
Tue 8 - The Premises
Wed 9 - Seven Seeds
Thu 10 - Proud Mary
Fri 11 - Proud Mary
Sat 12 - Dead Man Espresso
Sun 13 - Coffee Collaboration
Mon 14 - Market Lane

The Broadsheet Cafe will run from March 4-14 at 24 Crossley Street, Melbourne.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MMMM coffee - walk with us & meet our friends

Its 2 days after Valentines Day, and one who finds this commercialism a little over the top, was still excited to see such a gorgeous way to display roses!

And even better its for a birthday... today!

Ps if you love a good coffee, and a spectacularly positive start to you day - or even an end.. head on down and say hi to our friends at Liason.. or better still join our newest tour... the Cafe Culture walk....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyclone comparisons - more than just numbers

I have never been near a Cyclone, or in fact known anyone who has, so this diagram courtesy of the Herald Sun this morning helped me a little...

Thinking of all our friends and colleagues in the North of Queensland, please be safe, and leave - even if just for 2 days.. better than being in it.

Melbourne will never know such weather, though we do claim to have all sorts..., but we are supporting our fellow Australians.
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