Monday, December 21, 2009

Blek, Fish, Ned, and the Roo...

Its never clear as to who knows who, or even how the collective of artists come to be in Hosier lane at the Same time.. but when Internationally renowned creatives work alongside our local heros... you surely can only smile... no matter the context..

pop ups...!

As the last few days fo Christmas shopping takes a whole new meaning to retail therapy.. not so theraputic! I stumbled past another new cafe!! in Block Place.. seems to be called OLIO.. opposite Segovia.. but I will have to go further to investigate... Loving the lampshades.. seemingly old food (tomato?) tins..

What have you found thats made you stop and take another look!?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Les Francophiles - a summer christmas and Pushka

Todays tour was such a delight, with young family of western France.. .. very excited to see they had read about us in the article of Le Monde!! oh la la...
The sun was out.. and we got to see Pushka's new instalation ( well a few weeks old now).. dont forget to head there for a fab coffee...
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