Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Venue - Red Bennies

Out on a Saturday night on Chapel Street is not always on my radar of a great night ( traffic, queues, hoons, and an acute awareness that time has changed... The New Orleans, The Black Prince, Greville street amazing furniture markets... oh dear! was is that long ago..)

And - when I am told we are heading the old Viper Room... hmmmm - really??!!

BUT.. The guys behind Red Bennies are up to adding a new slice of amusement to this strip...

We went to the 3rd of three opening nights, on Saturday, and were greeted with a room full of a supportive and funky crowd.. comedic MC, yoyo mime act, and a couple of Burlesque acts including swings and parasols as apparatus.. - though would have loved more!

Some live music the crowd danced to, finishing up with 2 good DJ's and a few more waxed Moustaches than I had expected to see. (The circus is in town after all I suppose...)
I left with a certainty I'd be back, and that the venue will continue to improve as a spot to watch for in the haze of sameness in Prahran / South Yarra Chapel Street.

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