Saturday, February 13, 2010

Festival of the Photocopier.. more productive than you think!

Campbell Arcade has had its fair share of distraught times recently.. not least of which was Thursdays Flood!! but as always, its best to rise above it all,.. change the attitude, or space...

Love Sticky, and the crew.. the Photocopier survived the deluge.. and the show must go on!

today was the ZINE FAIR.. such fun to see them all lined up the length of Campbell Arcade.. selling all sorts..
I bought the most beautiful Audrey & Audrey book by Ayano Takeuchi. Such a delight to find a new copy of WIPE, Where did my sock go by Frankie Pan.. and so much more.. The energy of enthusiasm is infectious.. thanks Sticky. Tour clients loved it too!!

Now the festival is winding up, done forget to head down the stairs in Degreaves street, and see some of the works at Platform Art Space..

Share the love!:)

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