Friday, February 19, 2010

Join the busy bees at the HIVE - FEB 23rd

Wow, doesn't time pass ...

When visiting Melbourne sometimes its not just the monuments that make the trip, BUT the amazing people you meet or learn about during your stay....
and Michelle Matthews is one I of course talk about a lot.. Hidden Secrets Tours would not be around if it was not for her!
Its been well over 6 years that the little Deck of Secrets cards have been on the market, and you can hear her story next week in a great local bar setting!

From an innovative pager service, to delicious shopping books, tiny free press adventure - A7, and her eventual plans of world domination... ( a bar discovery job, many would die for) :) there is lots to love about the city that inspired her, and Michelle's savvy business model that enables us to love it too!!

Next Tuesday 7pm make the most of the opportunity to hear the story from Michelle herself - There will be many other locals who have inspired Michelle's projetcs to continually expand - Join the conversation!! - Head to the Emerald Peacock at 233 Lonsdale Street for the latest HIVE event in Melbourne.

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