Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Could you be an award winner?

This morning I attended the Melbourne Awards Launch Breakfast, and was humbled to be around so many passionate people. Passionate about Melbourne! I sat next to John Bertrand - an inspiring man in so many ways, and his enthusiasm for all that he does is infectious - well it seems to be in the few hours since!

I won such an award back in 2008, and am so proud of the idea that I have personally contributed to the profile of Melbourne - locally, nationally and globally - the real Melbourne, the people of Melbourne that make it tick.. and their story's -past and present!

SO if you you know anyone, or think that you are up for the accolade and amazing alumni - follow this link...I know I have a few thoughts myself, and will fill you in soon... Melbourne inspires me - how about you? -
Visit to download an entry form or call 9658 9348.

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