Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wireless - free or otherwise - this is not New York!

Its Wednesday morning and a lovely friend of Fiona's, Romy - amazing local paste up adventurer.. called for a catch up, and her limitations were that she needs to access the internet...  I wont get into the broadband debate.. but suffice to say there really is a lot to be learned from the practice of FREE wireless that abounds in NEW YORK.... to be able to leave the office for even just an hour and sit in a park, and do some catch up on the all important Vitamin D.. as well as little social networking, or general emails...
    WHY doesn't Melbourne have more of it!  So today is my starting effort to share those little gems of Wireless Hotspots.. where business owners are keen to keep your loyalty by sharing the love and their Wireless access.

As with all things of Hidden Secrets Tours... we are not out to exploit such generosity.. I will scout out those that actually tell you of their services!..
  1. first of the rank FED SQUARE... the WHOLE place is free!!! - Swanston Street, Melbourne
  2. The New Middle Park Hotel  - Canterbury Road, Middle Park
  3. Presse Cafe Wine Bar - Brighton Road, Elwood
Please stay intouch and tell us any that you know of! - PS.. this is one of Romy's Paste ups... at Wall280 cafe Balaclava...
x Fiona

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