Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scrummy Coffee @ Dr Jekyll and courtyard too

We spend so much of our time in the city, that sometimes I forget to check out my own backyard.. just before Christmas I found a fabulous little haunt.. and I dropped in to grab a takeaway coffee as I was running late for a big Saturday of tours...

Yes we have lots of great coffee places in and around this city... but when you get such a welcome as I did on this particular day.. how can you not go back...!
I walked in, no doubt looking a little tired - mornings are not my thing really, and was greeted with an enthusiastic Hi! - subsequently introduced by Roy, and Matt.. - and a little more banter.. that made me laugh out loud... I wonder how often that spontaneous laugh really does remind you of whats simple and precious!... coffee made, and a giggle about what bread should be served or some amazing muesli... and I was off to work with a smile and a need to tell more people of this lovely cafe!

Its called Dr Jekyll... and its on 107 Grey Street - just near the Hotel Barkly.. not much from the front.. not even a sign on the wall.... but the welcome aura is all you need.. follow your nose.

Back to my first days... I went back the next day and just had to tell them the impact they made on my day... and ended up in the lovely courtyard out the back.. with Scrambled eggs Viennoise.. no wonder the gym is calling!.. and since I have visited a few more times.. including today!
Fruit salad with amazing yoghurt (with real Vanilla seed, nectarines, plump blackberries, half a passionfruit.. and more...) and coffee -organic I am pretty sure.. (see scancal -labels are not the issue for me.. the quality and treatment of the bean is the high note! )Tom in the kitchen works wonders in a small space - right in front of you!
Well done Boys.. I have already told too many people.. the quiet little corner will soon not be... but am sure I am not the only one to spread the word! LOVE it..

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