Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW - Coffee spots and directional dilemas

YES - we have a coffee problem - a good one :) ... a Melbourne one.. 

How to choose the next step once out of the lift - left to see Jo at Switchboard, left then right to head up to Shany and Danny at Liason, or perhaps our newest short cut - sharp Right and then down to the right again, and we find Rob, and Hugh at Hoboken... Thanks to some well experienced and passionate locals.. this is a great addition to our corner of town! -

It is a dilema! ( and so far that is just the first 3 off the top of my head.. we have 15 that we share on our Cafe Culture Walk  but thats another story!)

Great Salads, fresh pastries, and amazing Soups! - oh some other yummy's too
Hoboken with great coffee from Seven Seeds - home is Hosier Lane

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