Friday, May 27, 2011

WORK for us - Internships, part time admin positions avalable soon.

Have you ever thought of working in a small tourism comapany?
Or perhaps even an event company, or a marketing, or even a PR company...
Well thats what you would get to do with us... 
Life is never dull thats for sure.

Award winners in the 2008 Melbourne Awards.
We are looking for someone who loves what we stand for, for where we are, and for what we do.
It may sound simple.. but we have not found such people very easily.
With several awards to our name, and more to come, we're keen for an energetic individual to join us.

Some of our team are moving on to do other things, we'll miss them, but its a great time to make an impression.. shine brightly as help will be needed, and there is room to develop.
Laughter in our group of hosts is always present

Think about what you can bring with you.. Do you know the city, and those who work it? Do you like to write blogs? Do you enjoy making people feel as though they have no cares in the world? Are you good with databases, and relationship building? Do you have a good phone manner that will be both professional and at ease? Are you full of youthful ideas, but also  able to manage clients of wealth and prestige...

 We are a small team, and need someone who wants to grow with us...

Depending on how you fit, and what you are interested in, we can discuss Internships, or hours of employement.

Tight knit team, that has a lot of fun.

Start time we'd like as late June,             so in the mean time email Fiona...   
With researched proposals. More info will come in weeks to come.

Cheers, and thanks. Fiona

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