Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BRRR Getting ready to hibernate avec le bon goût!

Oh its not often I get to feel like La Normandie is close by... but a short walk around an already Parisienne corner of town I ventured down another laneway to find Melbourne's newest addition to the Patissiere craze! But of course Melbourne Style.. - a little industrial, a few corners, and amazing craftsmanship and detail in the interiors.

Opened just last Friday, Andrea Reiss was busy with her francophone kitchen - OOHH i loved the opportunity to share in the language, and Andrea was so welcoming. This LARGE hole in the wall - well it is once you are inside - is a venture she has undertaken with Stephen of Libertine - and I truly do wish them all well. I know I will be back, the bread is by Noisette ( fabulous too) mainly as they do not have enough room .... so head on down, and say Bonjour! and it will soon become CHEZ TOI!

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