Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melbourne is 175years young

August 30, is known to insiders as Melbourne Day, 1835 was the year our home town was founded, as a boat sailed up the Yarra River, and this site was chosen upon to start a village.. little did they know what we would become!!
The Melbourne City Council of today has chosen to celebrate this milestone, by celebrating August! 2010 is  175th year of the city, 150th year of the Melbourne Cup, 100th birthday of our beloved Flinders Street Station, and 20th August is the 150th Anniversary of the fateful Bourke and Wills departure from Royal Park to find a northern coast line.

Next week is the start of the mayhem... good mayhem!! First mark for us is the Melbourne Day debate
That Melbourne is still the Foodies Capital - what would you bring to the debate!?
Indulge in the Melbourne we are so lucky to call home!

Happy Birthday!

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